Open letter to World Darts Federation Open letter to World Darts Federation

Open letter to World Darts Federation

LDO jaunumi, Citi jaunumi
With this letter Latvia Darts Organization - entity which leads and coordinates sport of darts in Latvia, as well as represents Latvia darts in international sports organization - informs the World Darts Federation (WDF), that during this humanitarian crisis and situation of global instability we strongly condemn military aggression and attack by the Russian Federation into independent Ukraine.

The fact that democratic countries are strong and united in providing military, humanitarian and financial support to the people of Ukraine as well as introducing wide sanctions against Russia, supports sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine. It is a strong mechanism with which democratic countries are trying to stop Russian military aggression not only against Ukraine, but also against all of democratic society.

Based on the above mentioned, Latvia Darts Organization is calling on WDF to show solidarity with Ukraine and immediately remove WDF membership of the Russian Darts Federation, as well as forbid any future participation of Russian citizens in any WDF competitions.

Taking in consideration that the Republic of Belarus is actively supporting Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine, we also state an opinion that the above-mentioned sanctions should be brought upon the Belarusian Darts Federation and citizens of Belarus.

The International Olympic committee has invited other international sport federations to ban athletes from Russian and Belarus from their events.

We also inform you, that with 27th of February the Latvian Darts Organization decided to stop any cooperation with Russian and/or Belarusian sports organizations and athletes from these countries, banning them from opportunity to receive players licenses in Latvia as well as forbidding them to participate in local and international darts competitions, e.g. Latvian Open 2022.


Kind regards

Latvia Darts Organization 

Chairman of the Board

Zanis Buklovskis

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